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1. My First Experience with Such Product as This… (Second Purchase)
[Tungsten Germanium 24P Bracelet]
Client : JaeHoon Lee

Due to an old injury on my right wrist, I was experiencing muscle strains during workouts or a good load of work on the computer, and I didn’t feel replenished even after a night’s sleep. I was endlessly searching the internet for a magnetic bracelet as a potential solution for the everyday pain on my wrist, when I came across great reviews on the benefits of the Cypress Germanium Health Bracelets. Without hesitation, I first purchased two: a Silver one, which consists of Hermes Tungsten material, and a Pink-Gold one, for my family and myself.

Germanium Health Braceletsgermanium benefits

Pictured on top is an actual photo of my wife and myself wearing the germanium health bracelets I’d purchased, and I also tried wearing it on my injured ankle (Sorry if I’ve offended anyone by showing my surgical scar).

They are of high quality. They look awesome. Maybe it’s the Tungsten material, but it’s pretty *BLING BLING*. On the rear side are Germanium pieces closely lined up… I think the Silver one looks great on men, the Pink-Gold more on women, as they look like high-end jewelry.

To my make testimonial influential: after wearing it for about 2 months, I have no doubt that it is a great product. I feel less tired than usual after sleeping with the bracelet on, and it’s been making me wake up earlier in the mornings. Most importantly, my wrist-aches have significantly mellowed down.
I guess there’s a chance this being a temporary thing, but I feel a definite difference. My wife agrees.

Hermes bracelet~ looks totally awesome, not to mention the great health benefits.

germanium health bracelets benefits

So I got myself to order 3 more as gifts to my parents, all for my family’s well-being…

I’ll be thinking of my family’s health while I continue wearing the bracelet, and I’d like to try the necklace if I can afford it… I think it’s well worth the price.

2. [Pure-Titanium] HERMES-TITAN and 2 others, testimonial after use!!!
[Pure Titanium Germanium 24P Bracelet] (HERMES-TITAN)
Client : JaeShim Lee

health bracelets

I first heard about Cypress thanks to my Mom~

She’d gone through a major procedure for severe backaches she’s had.

The surgery failed to make a notable improvement, so there wasn’t a thing she hadn’t tried, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, Orthopedics, and Home Remedies and more.

Then, during her trip to China with her friends last fall, she purchased a Germanium bracelet out of desperation.

After having worn it for a few months, she said that she seemed to feel the effects of the bracelet, as her back had become more mobile.

She would joke around about going back to China to buy another bracelet. Then, while looking and asking around, she came across an online blog with an article on the “Cypress,” which consisted of many testimonials from residents within Korea, who claimed to have benefited from the use of these bracelets.

I checked out Cypress’ web page, and because of they such variety and pretty designs, I just couldn’t choose… Hahaha

We found the address of the headquarters, and my Mom and I simply headed over, with no particular plan in mind. ^ ^;;

But we were told that purchases couldn’t be made at the headquarters, so we came back home, and after a meticulous comparison the products, every member of my family purchased one each:

[Pure Titanium HERMAS-TITAN (Dad)], [Tungsten Four-Leaf Clover (myself)], [Pure-Titanium Oblige (younger sibling)]

It’s now been 3 weeks since the bracelet has become a part of my body and has not even once been removed!!!

After the bracelet…

1. Because my work has me spending much time on the computer, my shoulders have felt stiff afterward, and I would wake up feeling out of it and never replenished.

Also, my backaches had not allowed me to take long walks without several resting/sitting breaks, but the stiff shoulders and backaches have miraculously disappeared these days!!!

My only regret would be that I didn’t get to find out about this sooner, as I can’t believe how much of a difference I can feel~~

2. My younger sibling’s daily routine used to include him/her complaining about “exhaustion” due to lack of deep sleep, despite the long sleeping hours. However, since he/she started wearing the Oblige, he/she feels that his/her body has become lighter as if he/she’s had plenty of sleep, although his/her actual sleeping time has decreased.

3. Dad’s work involves lifting and carrying of heavy objects, and because of the tingling and numbing in his elbows and wrists, he would always wear pain-relieving patches. However, after the Hermes-Titan bracelet, the symptoms have gone down; he hasn’t used patches yet.

I hope to improve my health more by wearing the bracelet all the time… but of course, I should also be concerned about food and exercise~

And one more thing!!!

Comparison of Tungsten and Titanium:

Tungsten products are heavier in weight. (but not so heavy that it’s unwearable. ^ ^ There’s just more weight to it than Titanium.)

Also, it will always appear to be new, as the material does not scratch or scrape.

Titanium, when worn, feels light.

I don’t think it withholds scratches better than Tungsten products do. (not that it’s easily scratched: this is only in comparison to Tungsten.)

If you’re looking for a jewelry piece, go for Tungsten…

If you’re looking for a weightless bracelet you’ll forget you’re even wearing, I think Titanium would be the way to go.

Since every member of my family has seen the benefits of wearing our bracelets, we have become preachers, (?) spreading the word of the Cypress. LOL

We have now convinced our Aunts and Uncles, and have added 5 more orders. ^^

We are just hoping that a lot of other people would try the germanium health bracelets and benefit from the use, perhaps even more extensively than we have.

** It’s not necessarily intended for one’s complete recovery. They say Germanium does not have side effects, but it does help with pain alleviation. I hope you try for yourself and stay healthy **

3. [ASLAN-Silver] Pure-Titanium Bracelet Testimonial after Purchase
[Pure-Titanium Germanium 20P Bracelet] ASLAN-Silver
Client : SungMin Ahn

The year 2016 is when the second half of my life began Can’t tell exactly when, but I’d begun waking up with stiff neck and shoulders Because of chronic fatigue, and so I’d make purchases on Home Shopping,
Of blankets and pillows and things meant to be helpful But my condition wouldn’t be restored as I’d thought it would…

For nearly 10 years, playing golf had been my recreation activity, but towards The end of last year came Golf Elbow. I was distraught, physically and mentally When on the range, I heard about benefits of Anion, Germanium bracelets And I began my storm-search.

Names of many different brands charged at me like a flood But I wanted a product to serve as an accessory as well as improve my health And that’s how I came to decide on the Cypress Germanium.

On my blog is the unboxing moments for you to check out and to leave a testimonial after about 2.5 weeks of use, I’m going to say that, first of all, I’m certain that the placebo effect is real. ^^*
I’m sure it really does increase metabolism, works to relieve pain, and helps to Improve the immune system by increasing the oxygen level within the body.

Undoubtedly, my body senses less tiredness, rather than by numerical means.

The knots on my neck and shoulders have disappeared, and when I work out Sometimes at the gym, I’d suffer from post-muscle-aches for days But muscle-aches have lessened and muscle recovery hastened, that’s for sure.

Because of Golf Elbow, I wear it on my right, always, But the pain from Gold Elbow continues, So I guess Germanium isn’t the magic cure for everything.

But I’ve got a daughter (age 10) who’s been complaining about wrist pain for days, I’ve taken her for x-rays, and they say nothing’s wrong.

The doctor suggests it may be a type of temporary growing pains…, so I put my Germanium bracelet on her for the weekend.

It’s a photo I’d taken while she slept.

The bracelet is a bit too long for her since it’s my size^^

What’s mentionable is that her wrist pain went away after 2 days.

This, I cannot say is a placebo effect, but rather a proof that it actually works.

And a chance for me to throw a great counter punch at my wife, who was against my purchase.

As you can see from the testimonials, many people are satisfied with the results And so I feel it not necessary to comment on the qualitative aspect.

But regardless of what grand health benefits it may offer, germanium bracelet or necklace, if it fails at the role of accessorizing, I will truthfully not choose it.

One of the main reasons for choosing a Cypress product, for me, was the “design”.

As you can tell from several photos, this health bracelet is Easy-going on the eyes And goes well with any style.

It just gives you another reason to choose the Cypress Germanium Health Bracelets.