Sponsored Products of the Men’s and Women’s Korean National Pentathlon Athletes

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Sponsored Products of the Men’s and Women’s Korean National Pentathlon Athletes
April 28th, 2014 | Hits :67

Sponsored Products of the Men's and Women's Korean National Pentathlon Athletes

The pictures below display the pentathlon athletes training while wearing Cypress Germanium necklaces.

*The model name of Germanium necklace worn by both male and female athletes is Sparta *The Germanium bracelet worn by the male athletes is Louise-White Silver. *The Germanium bracelet worn by the female athletes is Les Miserables (Les M.S.R)-Black.



















What is the official Germanium necklaces and bracelets worn by the Korean National Pentathlon athletes?

The answer is Cypress Germanium necklaces and Cypress Germanium bracelets.

The first member of the Korean National Pentathlon athletes is Nam Dong Hun, who is the eldest.

He states, "I felt discomfort in my neck movements, but after wearing Cypress Germanium necklace, he felt less discomfort and claims that his neck movements felt lighter." Due to the effects of the germanium necklace, he advised fellow team members and visited the Cypress Germanium headquarters on July 11th.

Can you guess the model name of the Germanium necklace selected by both male and female Korean National Pentathlon athletes? For both the male and female athletes, the necklace is Sparta,


As for the Germanium bracelets, the female athletes selected Les Miserables (Les M.S.R), and the male athletes selected Louise. As excepted, Sparta was the most selected by both male and female athletes.

Sparta was the most popular among male and female Korean National athletes, and the name of the Germanium necklace is fitting to describe something sporty.

As for the Germanium bracelets,the male and female athletes' taste were divided. However, both are not related to sports. Les Miserables(Les M.S.R.) is worn by many female golfers. It is sporty. Soft and Fierce.


Les Miserables(Les M.S.R.)

Louise, chosen by the male athletes


Louise- White Silver

What impressed the athletes was the design of the necklaces and bracelets. "They're all cool to the point that I want to purchase them all." (Yang Soo Jin)


"Not only a sports necklace, but also a fashion item." (Jung Jin Ho)


Nam Dong Hoon said, "During the game, we can wear germanium necklaces and bracelets. It will definitely contribute to improving the performance of the game."

Cypress Germanium CEO Won Cheol Yeon said, "If you win the Asian Games, I will give the most luxurious Germanium necklace and bracelet as a gift to you and your girlfriend or boyfriend." The players cheered "Wow" and replied, "I will win no matter what."


The athletes that attended that day were Nam Dong Hoon, Hwang Woo Jin, Lee Woo Jin, Jung Chan Ho, Kim Sun Woo, Yang Soo Jin, Jung Jin Hwa, Jung Min Ah, Choi Min Ji.

The five events for a Pentathlon include athletics, shooting, horseback riding, fencing, and swimming.

Cypress will cheer on the Korean National Pentathlon team during the Incheon Asian Games in September.